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dance improvisation practice, alexander technique & live music

Georgia Paizi, Thodoris Ziarkas

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The SEEd project is a shared improvisation practice, an ongoing (2015-today) collaboration between AT practitioners, dance-artist Georgia Paizi & musician Thodoris Ziarkas, inspired by the poetic literalism of the human body, the physiology of plants, the patterns of nature, and the orbits in our galaxy... Mapping the overlapping landscapes of movement & music improvisation, the SEEd workshops involve AT principles, experiential anatomy imagery, materials from the field of somatic education, as well as materials from the Judson Church legacy.

Verbal instructions, subtle gestures, poetic imagery, props and anatomical models, live music, scores - the SEEd workshops include improvisation sessions that are talked through in real time, hands-on work in partners, private sessions, as well as scores for responsive choreography between the soundscape and the moving landscape in duets, solos, and groups, that investigate the shared auditory experience of being seen.

*We ran SEEd workshops in the studio, as well as outside, in rural environments.


WORKSHOP archive [go to video & photo gallery]

TanzFabrik Berlin | Berlin | 2019 [TanzFabrik web page pdf]

Akropoditi DanceFest | Syros island | 2019 [Akropoditi DanceFest web page pdf]

Music Village Festival - Μουσικό Χωριό | St. Lavrentios, Pelion | 2018 [Music Village web page pdf]

Tsak Bam Festival | Αίγινα | 2018 [Tsak Bam Festival web page pdf

το ΑΒΓΟ του μουσικού χωριού | Θεσσαλονίκη | 2018 [το ΑΒΓΟ web page pdf 2018pdf 2019]

DOCK 11 | Berlin | 2018 [DOCK11 web page pdf]

Chisenhale Dance Space | London2017 [workshop flyer pdf, CDS web page pdf

Trip Space Projects | London | 2015-2017 [TSP web page pdf]

*musicians that have occasionally joined the SEEd project:

Tassos Stamou, Takatsuna Mukai, Stelios Katsatsidis, Seb Silas, Vangelis Vrachnos

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